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The Stylish Sidekick to Your Space

Komma is a word that means 'comma' in Nordic countries.

What do you have in your space where you breath in and rest?

Team Komma wants every home appliance to be interior objets.


Komma aspires to be not just an addition to your interior,

but an integral part of complete space design.


We wish to offer a piece of beauty in your day, with our long-held passion realized in Komma products.

Adding simple beauty to your everyday life

Designed in Denmark
Made in Korea

Team Komma in Korea designs products in collaboration with its counterparts in Denmark and manufactures all its products in Korea. 

Why Denmark?

Whether you realize or not, our day begins with Scandinavian designs: the wide windows, PH lamp series, Alvar Aalto’s famous chairs and the single lining up of living room-kitchen-dining table.


 Team Komma studies these designs to develop home appliances that  elevate space.


“You can tell what kind of world you have stepped into when you go into a house… You can feel the confident simplicity and elegant modesty from the home designs…Scandinavian designs pursue epitome of modern lifestyle represented by lightness, openness, transparency, brightness and simplicity.

What reside the space is only those that are absolutely necessary.

These are then, made with the best materials and designs.”

- ‘Scandinavian Home’ by Thomas Steinfeld & Jon Steinfeld

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Production Partner

Dongsang Electronic Parts Co. Ltd which designs and produces molds for SHARP, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, manufactures critical parts of Komma products.


The supplier has been a monumental manufacturer in the precision medical devices and home appliances field for 30 years and its plant is certified with QMS(ISO 9001), EMS(ISO 14001), and ISO/TS16949.

Our History.

Slow but steady advancement.

Team Komma’s short but important footprints




Partnership with POSTECH


Launch of Design Team in Denmark,

Launch of product development


Kickstarter Crowd Funding in the US

(Top 1.5% iro fund amount record)


Start of Lov production

Makuake Crowd Funding in Japan

(recorded Top 5 in fund amount in the air purifier category)


iF design Award in Germany

Launched in 4 major department stores in Korea

Sold in Tsutaya Electronics Store in Japan

Sold in MoMA Design Store in the US

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