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Inspired by Nature, Scandinavian Design

Nature presents us with a fresh, relaxing and restful time, just by being nature itself. KOMMA and a group of young Danish designers tried to reflect that in product designs. Löv's design contains the results of profound discussions about the harmony between nature and Scandanavian designs. 


The name Löv comes from our biggest source of inspiration.


[ lø4v ] . noun

In Swedish _ Leaf; one of the flat, usually green parts of a plant that are joined at one end to the stem or branch; an organ of a plant



A Solution for the Air Purifier Dilemma

Point 1

An air purifier is necessary for every part of the house we live and breathe in

Point 2

However, each space has its unique layout and design. Also, it is inefficient to set up individual purifiers in every room

What if there was something you could let hang in your bedroom, but also take along with you when dusting out the closet room? 

Wouldn't it be convenient if you could set it up in the kitchen while cooking dinner, and prop it up in the living room while having guests over? 


Vertical Wall-hanging

On narrow walls


Vertical Standing

In a furnished room


Horizontal Wall-hanging

At a height out of children's reach


Horizontal Standing

Like an interior accessory on a shelf

Amazingly Slim,

Extremely Light

"Slim" means that there's more space for something special.

Löv helps you create space for valuable things - perhaps another plant for your small apartment, or maybe some extra toys in the children's room.


3.1 inch

7.7 lbs

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