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Repair Policy

"New Löv in a flash"
When your Löv is not perfect

KOMMA's warranty is based on trust for our customers, convenience and continuous utilization. We will immediately replace your Löv with a new one if it is faulty due to manufacturing or distributing reasons. You wouldn't have to wait a long time to receive a new product, nor go through a tedious process to send the old one back - through our innovative replacement system below. 


Within 7 days


STEP 1. 

File a claim to tell us about the problem. Our engineers will review the case and determine whether it is eligible for replacement 

STEP 2. 

Once the replacement is authorized, a new Löv will be shipped out immediately. 

STEP 3. 

Receive your package and unpack your new Löv!

STEP 4. 

Use the same package and box fillers that arrived with the new Löv to pack your used product. 

STEP 5. 

Ship it back to KOMMA. Any shipping fees that occur during the process will be paid by KOMMA. 

* The warranty above only applies to problems that occurred during the manufacturing or distribution process. Anything that occurred due to failure to follow the instructions on the manual, occurance of natural disasters, or unwarranted repairs or alteration of the product will be ineligible. 

** The warranty above lasts for the warranty period (1 year). Subscribe to our replacement filters to extend it for another year. 


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