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Easy filter replacement with magnetic detach

Cradle leg assembly for standing mode

Cradle disassembly for wall-hanging mode

Simple and sturdy bracket

Straightforward Instructions

Löv's instructions are straightforward and easy for anyone, on any occasion.

The simple and maybe even rhythmical actions required might even lighten up your mood a bit. 


Display at a Glance

The fine dust (PM 2.5) concentration level is indicated through colors and numbers on the surface. It doesn't take any other gadget to precisely monitor the air quality and filtration speed, Löv is all you need.  


When the device is placed horizontally, the display rotates accordingly. 

Countless buttons and too much information
are those really necessary?

Less is more,
“Minimalism” Usability

We eliminated all the distracting functions, so you can focus on what matters the most. 

Sleep Mode for a Good Night's Sleep

The moon-shaped button on the controller dims out everything except the pollution level indicator lamp. Löv will operate silently to avoid disturbing your good night's sleep. 

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