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Amount of Clean Air in 10 mins
6,000 gallon


Average  Bedroom

10 ft x 13 ft  =  130 ft²

Average purification speed for standard-sized rooms


Avg. Primary Bedroom

12 ft x 18 ft  =  220 ft²

Average purification speed for large-sized rooms 


Large Living Room

14 ft x 25 ft  =  350 ft²

Average purification speed for Large Living Room 

Powerful Enough to Fully Cover Any Room

The amount of fresh air that Löv shoots out in a single minute is roughly 6,000 gallon. All it takes to freshen up your room is time for a quick shower or walk.

*  Purification Time: Time to remove 80% of 0.3-micrometer particles when operated on the third stage

** Results are calculated based on the Cleaning Ability Test Result (CADR) from an authorized testing institute (KOTITI) and Test Standard (KS C 9314)

Triple filter

Carbon filter - It is an activated charcoal deodorizing filter that eliminates odors such as cigarette smell, harmful gases, or Sick Building Syndrome substances like formaldehyde and toluene

Hepa filter - It is a heavy-duty precipitator that filters finer particles such as fine dust, pollen, viruses, or respiratory droplets

Pre-filter - It filters out big particles such as dust, hair, or pet fur to make the Hepa filter last longer

How could Löv become so slim?


The inlet, fan and outlet were rearranged for the slim profile to be enabled. Then, we patented the Löv technology, which combines high performance with a narrow profile.


The Central Air Guide, which is also included in the patent, reduces the pressure drop of the airflow coming out from several fans, which provides soft and wide air and eventually cuts the noise as well.


The winglet technology and two blades allow the system to perform at its best within the new structure. Through endless flow simulation, the optimum form was developed and customized for Löv. 

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